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Heavy Rigid Truck Synchro-mesh (restricted) licence driver training courses in ToowoombaIdeal Driving School, Toowoomba, Australia
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Heavy Rigid Truck or Bus Driver Licence Training
Synchromesh Gearbox (Restricted)

Licence upgrade in an Automatic Truck: How does this work?
When you upgrade from an existing manual gear-box qualification to a higher licence class in an synchromesh truck, you retain your existing manual gear change qualification. See Licence upgrade details ›

Course Details

The Licence class is Heavy Rigid with a 6 speed synchromesh gearbox, (no double clutching). Students will receieve a Heavy Rigid licence with a restricted (B) endorsement on it.

Basic Overview of Heavy Rigid vehicle type
More than 8 Ton GVM (must be more than 2 axles) plus trailer (Max 9 Ton GVM) as well as extensive training towards your licence test. Ideal Driving School will show you professional truck driving techniques.

Basic requirements
Queensland Transport requires that the student has held a car licence for at least two years (2 years) or a Light Rigid or Medium Rigid licence for one year (1 year).

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How it works

Ideal Driving School conducts one hour lessons and training is competency based. Once the student is competent with their driver licence training a practical driving test with Queensland Transport can be booked. The student will complete the test in the same training vehicle with the Queensland Transport examiner.

Lesson Times
Ideal Driving School conducts lessons Monday-Friday 7am-5pm and also on Saturdays from 7am. All Saturday lessons are required to be pre-paid. We suggest that students do one lesson per week or even a two hour block, depending on their availability and budget.

Lessons required to attain a licence.
On average the number of lessons for a person who has never had truck driving experience (a raw beginner) is approximately 4-5 plus an hour for the test. This is for the hire of the truck for one hour whilst undertaking the Queensland Transport test.

This licence class HR (synchro) can be achieved in a 1 day course.

Note: This is an indicative figure only and cannot be taken or read as a quote.

The Heavy Rigid Ideal Truck used is Industry Standard

About your Heavy Rigid driver training

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Heavy-Rigid truck with 6-speed synchromesh gearbox for driver training at Ideal Driving School, Toowoomba
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