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Testimonials to Ideal Driving School

Feedback from Medium-Rigid Driver Training Students:

“I had my driving test yesterday. Learnt a lot and got my license at the end. Thanks for a super supportive helpful instructive day.”
(June 2020 Anne)

Feedback from Heavy-Rigid Driver Training Students:

“I just had to do my pre-employment test… found the whole experience to be a no pressure, relaxed environment… having over 20 years experience you still can learn something new every day. Shane is a great instructor.”
(Jan 2022 Mick L)

“Thank you very much Batsey… excellent work mate! I passed my HR Open on first go. I would recommend Ideal Driving School to anyone.”
(Oct 2021 Garth W)

“Can’t speak more highly of Ideal Driver Training. Kev was fantastic & really explained & demonstrated the correct way to drive a HR. Highly recommend the guys at Ideal for all your truck driving training.”
(June 2019 Phil)

“Just passed my HR… thank to John & Shane for their excellent tuition. These guys are very professional, easy going & made the whole experience a breath of fresh air. Don’t go anywhere else but Ideal!”
(Dec 2018 Gareth)

“Friendly, but professional.”
(Oct 2018 Graham)

“Staff were excellent - All-round great experience.”
(Oct 2018 Bradley)

“Trainer was practical, easy to get along with. The material was well suited to the course.”
(Oct 2018 Simon)

“I found all aspects of the training were comfortable & enjoyable.”
(Oct 2018 Elijah)

“Couldn’t have asked for anything more.”
(Oct 2018 Richard)

“Being shown what to do, and why you do it that way.”
(Oct 2018 Bruce)

“Instructions and guidance, when needed, was spot on.”
(Oct 2018 Richard)

“I enjoyed the friendliness of staff and how smooth the training & testing was.”
(Oct 2018 Mitchell)

“No pressure and everything explained well.”
(Oct 2018 Ben)

“The training facility was excellent and easy to find.”
(Oct 2018 Glencairn)

“The truck trainer was very experienced and showed me many new techniques.”
(Oct 2018 Brett)

“Great teacher and good variety of driving situations & tasks.”
(Oct 2018 Shaun)

“Thank you to an amazingly professional team… I loved the friendly nature & patience to build confidence. See you all in a year or so for the MC”
(April 2018 Russell)

“Trainers gave ‘real-life’ experiences.”
(March 2018 Nathan)

“Thank you… very positive feedback from (the manager). He was very impressed with the trainers training approach & knowledge.”
(March 2018 HR Dept)

“Thank you for all of your patience & assistance with organising our employees. You & the team have provided a wonderful service.”
(March 2018 HR Dept)

Feedback from Multi-Combination Driver Training Students:

“MC training: Shane made it an absolute joy to learn. He made it so easy to understand. Thanks again Shane & team. Will get my sons to do their MC with you soon!”
(June 2020 Peter)

“Learnt more about manual gearboxes - Clear & good instruction.”
(April 2019 Ron)

“Going up and down the [Toowoomba] Range.”
(April 2019 Nicholas)

“The communication was excellent. The delivery could not have been better.”
(April 2019 Brett)

“Trainers explained everything I needed to know.”
(April 2019 Matthew)

“The instructor calmed me down… explained operations very clearly & properly.”
(April 2019 Saul)

“One-on-one driver training.”
(April 2019 Nick)

“Great mixture of roads and varying driving conditions.”
(March 2019 Steven)

“The patience of the trainers was great… The equipment is second to none.”
(March 2019 Jacob)

“Plenty of actual driving.”
(March 2019 Hayden)

“On the Job practical assessment, excellent knowledge.”
(March 2019 Robert)

“All my questions were answered & by a trainer with actual experience & knowledge.”
(March 2019 Josh)

“How easy and approachable the trainers were!”
(April 2018 Jayden)

“Instructor had amazing patience. Was awesome.”
(April 2018 Karen)

“Trainers very knowledgeable and easy to understand.”
(March 2018 Jimmy)

“The trainers approach, everyday language.”
(March 2018 Alex)

“Highlight: Learning the tips and experience of the instructors.”
(April 2018 Peter)

“Great Klms & variation of training tracks, and all the hands-on skills to operate correctly.”
(April 2018 Brett)

“Industry teachers, teaching you Industry relevant skills.”
(March 2018 Geoff)

“The Toowoomba Range training & the time spent teaching me reversing techniques was money well spent.”
(Feb 2018 Joshua D)

Feedback from Heavy-Combination Training Students:

“Thanks & gratitude to you… You both run a truly professional outfit as a local business/training provider & your instructors have nerves of steel! …far exceeded my expectations due to the professionalism of your instructors…”
(April 2021 Michael)

Feedback from Forklift Training Students:

“The best aspect was the way the staff train.”
(April 2019 Sue)

“All the trainers were well spoken and professional.”
(April 2019 Matthew)

“Training staff were very good, knowledgeable & very approachable.”
(April 2019 Derek)

“Engaging and easy to learn.”
(April 2019 Courtney)

“The mix of theory and practical and the time to do each.”
(April 2019 Sam)

“Relaxed atmosphere.”
(April 2019 Greg)

“Terms were simplified and relivant.”
(April 2019 Melissa)

“Small group size, optimal for training.”
(April 2019 Matthew)

“Direct, down to earth, everyday speech used.”
(Oct 2018 Ken)

“Very friendly and informative training.”
(Oct 2018 Todd)

“Face-to-face training, easy to understand material.”
(Oct 2018 Cameron)

“Everything was easy to understand.”
(Oct 2018 Danyen)

“Learning things that I didn’t really notice before the training.”
(Oct 2018 Rodney)

“The trainer was detailed with information & made it easy to understand.”
(Oct 2018 Kevin)

“Workplace relevant information.”
(Oct 2018 Steve)

“Everything was done the right way & was kept relevant.”
(Oct 2018 James)

“The trainer was awesome to deal with.”
(Oct 2018 Grant)

“The staff cover everything.”
(Oct 2018 Brian)

“The trainer was awesome, easy to talk too, just takes the nerves away.”
(Oct 2018 James)

“The trainers talked to you, not down to you.”
(Oct 2018 Alan)

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Forklift training in action at Ideal Driving School, Toowoomba
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