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Mulit-Combination Truck Automatic (restricted) licence driver training courses in ToowoombaIdeal Driving School, Toowoomba, Australia
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Multi-Combination Truck Driver Licence Training
Automatic Gearbox (Restricted)

Licence upgrade in an Automatic Truck: How does this work?
When you upgrade from an existing manual gear-box qualification to a higher licence class in an automatic truck, you retain your existing manual gear change qualification. See Licence upgrade details ›

Course Details

This course is for serious road professionals who need to upgrade or re-familiarise with modern day driving practises.

The Ideal Driving School Multi-Combination licence training vehicles are hand picked by Shane Mengel to represent the driving opportunities and employment requirements of the Transport Industry.

The multi-combination units are trucks and trailers that have been purchased from some of Australia's premier transport companies. Combine this with our multi-combination trainers who are industry experienced and industry respected they have “been there - done that”. This gives you the best learning experience possible. Call Ideal now to see which course best suits your needs.

Basic Overview of vehicle type
B Double or Road Train: Ideal Driving School provides in-house training, assessment and licensing. No Queensland Transport testing required. Specialised training from industry experts, trainers with years of professional operator experience and knowledge as well as relevant qualifications.

Basic requirements
Queensland Transport requires that the student has held a Heavy Rigid or Heavy Combination licence for a period of one year (1 year).

How it works

Ideal Driving School, in partnership with Mengel Training Services RTO (registered training organisation) No. 31800 certified to deliver TLIC4006 Drive multi-combination vehicle, conduct Multi-Combination training sessions (1-2 days), designed to give you the very best driving experience and exposure possible. Ideal can deliver specific training courses to suit operators or employers designed around the types of working conditions you will experience.

What we do better than the rest

Licence Upgrades:
Students holding an Open (Road Ranger) HR or HC, when they upgrade to MC, retain their Open Gears qualification and the course upgrades their trailer qualification. See Licence upgrade details ›

The Multi-Combination Ideal Truck used is Industry Standard

about Multi-Combination driver training

Our Commitment to you  

Ideal Driving School provides our students with…

Multi-combination rig for (Automatic - Condition A) Licence driver training at Ideal Driving School
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